Letter Ingenieros will lead the territorial delegation of Eastern Andalusia and the Balearic Islands of A3e

Letter Ingenieros will lead the territorial delegation of Eastern Andalusia and the Balearic Islands of A3e

On 9 April, the Board of Directors of the Association of Energy Efficiency Companies, A3e, in ordinary session appointed the 12 new territorial delegates.

The role of Letter Ingenieros, represented in this case by our Commercial Director, María Ávila, will be mainly to be the voice of the Association in Almería, Granada, Jaén and Málaga, as well as in the Balearic Islands, from our two offices in both locations.

This year’s proposal comes strong, trying to organize various events / conferences associated with other entities related to the sector, presenting the proposal also to different organizations such as University, Cluster, Associations, etc.. The aim is to present our success stories, share the latest developments in the sector, attract associates and resolve any doubts that may arise in terms of energy efficiency, renewable energies and new ways of achieving the energy transition that is being pursued.



The Efficiency Classroom LETTER – UGR moves with you

The Efficiency Classroom LETTER – UGR moves with you

The collaboration space created between the University of Granada and the company Letter Ingenieros S.L opens a new website to inform about the activities and programs it organizes.

This new portal, which can be accessed through, has relevant information for the university community.

Within this community, it is especially designed for undergraduate and master students in Chemical Engineering.

Classroom Programs

Among the programmes that have been launched, the most efficient TFG Award stands out, which rewards projects that take into account the energy efficiency of the main processes.

In this way, it is favoured that the projects that leave this department have a differentiating component that favours the students.

The 2019 edition of the prize has a last generation iPad valued at more than 500€ among other gifts.

Another of the successful programs launched by the Aula are the internships in the company, being this program a help for labor insertion.

Classroom Activities

In addition to these programs, it also organizes activities that encourage students to connect with the company.

Proof of this connection are the Sports Days that are organised this year between teachers, students and company employees.

For this occasion, a bus will be floated on 10/5/2019 to allow students to attend and all participants will be treated to an aperitif at the Vegas de Genil sports facility.

During the day the participants will be able to play 7-a-side football and paddle tennis among other activities.

Classroom R&D

Finally, it should be noted that the website informs of the R&D projects being carried out, highlighting the entitled H2-SMART which can be further information here:

On the basis of the H2-SMART project, informative talks will be given at the Greencities Málaga congress  and in La Madraza Granada.



1ºWorkshop H2Smart project at the University of Granada

1ºWorkshop H2Smart project at the University of Granada

H2 Smart – An energy efficiency model for transport fleets

“The renewable hydrogen as an efficient solution in the design of a Smart City and its positive impact on a new model of sustainable mobility with vehicles emission 0” as a conclusion to a WorkShop, in which representatives of city councils, public entities and companies of Granada participated.


Iº Workshop on Hydrogen in Granada, organized by Letter Engineers

Within the framework of the H2 Smart Innovation project, led by Letter Ingenieros and supported by the Smart Cities Cluster of Andalusia and the University of Granada, the first H2Smart Workshop has taken place. in order to further advance the development of feasibility study on hydrogen technology as a real market solution to meet the challenge on the storage of energy from renewable sources.

The meeting, which took place on 12 December in the Cloisters Hall of the Faculty of Sciences of Granada, was a success because it raised a common interest among the more than 30 attendees: MAKE OUR CITIES UN HABITAT FREE NOx , EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE.

workshop h2smart presentacion

Image 1. Hall Cloisters, Faculty of Sciences of Granada

The development of the Day.

For the development of the Workshop, Letter engineers opted for an unusual format, organizing attendees in work tables of common interests. The purpose was to reach a final conclusion, elaborated from the different profiles and points of view that were in the room.

In the first place we have the welcome of Mrs. María Carmen Carrión, illustrious Dean of the Faculty of Sciences who showed its sensitivity to renewable energy, research at the university, business involvement and the real possibilities of hydrogen as a totally clean and environmentally friendly alternative in this energy transition. He also thanked the presence of City Councils, Entities and companies.

Subsequently, Dr. Carlos Funes, head of the Open Innovation Unit of the National Hydrogen Center, was responsible for exposing renewable hydrogen technology and the costs of its generation. With this he demonstrated the profitable and ecological application of this technology in fleets of public buses and fleets of garbage trucks. From his speech, two interesting conclusions are drawn for the use of hydrogen in the development and planning of a Smart City:

  1. "The use of renewable energy to produce hydrogen and, in turn, use that hydrogen to the mobility sector can generate a positive business case today"
  2. "The most interesting approach for regions and cities is the production of renewable hydrogen and its consumption in captive fleets of buses and garbage trucks."

Later he spoke D. Juan Carlos García Abril, Director of Innovation and Projects Letter Engineers, who presented the project and its viability Smart H2 for Granada. It is presented as a great solution for the decarbonisation of the city and compliance with restrictive European policies. In addition, Juan Carlos García as a citizen of Granada, highlighted the serious problem of pollution that has Granada and its metropolitan area. Since 2008 the limits in NOx (called the invisible poison) and suspended particles have been exceeded, obtaining values similar to those of Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao.

workshop granada university

Image 2. D. Juan Carlos García – H2Smart project exhibition

After a 45-minute networking, the workshop attendees were grouped into three working groups, in order to present their ideas, the pros and cons of hydrogen technology as a solution to the problems of our environment.

taller de trabajo sobre hidrogeno

Image 3. Networking

TABLE COUNCILS: Moderated by D. German Luzon González, professor and coordinator of Chemical Engineering at the University of Granada, and composed of representatives of various municipalities in the area of Granada. They aimed to know the reality of our municipalities, their concerns and management tools and financing used in the governance of our cities, in order to fit the viability of the H2 Smart project in the planning of Smart Cities. As a most important conclusion, it should be noted that all the representatives of this table agreed on the difficulty of reaching financing or approval of budgets to carry out projects of this nature, since they work more in the face of the citizen, than for environmental improvement a city or town. In addition, both mayors and technical highlighted the lack of staff or external experts in certain subjects, having an engineer for all, and the need to bring these projects through a common and applicable to all regulations. Finally, also it highlighted the lack of awareness in our citizens, not being aware that more than half a million deaths occur annually caused by pollution problems and air quality.

Table participants: Agenda 21 Local Town Hall of Granada, Armilla City Council, Salar City Council, Padul City Council and Albolote City Council.

h2smart ayuntamientos

Image 4. Town Councils table

TABLE ENTITIES: Moderated by Ms. María Ávila Montoro, Commercial Director of Letter Engineers, and formed by public entities of the Granada area. They aimed to know first-hand about future environmental planning policies and the challenges they face as financial managers. This table talked about the funds of aid that, to date, exist to be able to undertake projects of this type. The 20M € that were still available in the announcement for Intelligent Networks (Andalusian Energy Agency) and the Edusi Funds, which contemplate the execution of projects that improve air quality, were highlighted. In conclusion, it was emphasized that have a common strategic plan would be complicated by the multitude of actors are involved in the development of the (City Councils, Transport Consortium Companies, etc).  In addition, it was also specified that, in smaller municipalities, Sustainable Mobility Plans have been developed more focused on Crosswalk, Bike Rails and parking, instead of others aimed at solving the mobility driven by Diesel / Petrol combustion vehicle.

Table participants: Diputación de Granada, Cluster of Sustainable Construction of Andalusia, Provincial Energy Agency of Granada and Inagra.

h2smart entidades

Image 5. Entities table

COMPANY TABLE: Moderated by Don Juan Carlos García Abril, Director of Innovation and Projects of Letter Engineers, and formed by companies from Granada which represent the energy sector of the province. Its aim was to know the business vision of experts in management and installation of renewable energies, on the H2 Smart project and its viability in the province. During the development of this table, all the participants (who in some way generate energy from renewable energy) saw in the H2Smart project the main solution for the storage of energy in the form of renewable hydrogen. On the other hand, the companies highlighted the competitive advantage of hydrogen as a source of motor power in mobility compared to the electric vehicle. And it is that these vehicles not only have greater autonomy if not also have less charging time. On the other hand, the table entrepreneurs showed very interested in knowing actual data for technical and financial feasibility. This was intended to analyze the return on investment and to answer the question of: Would you be willing to invest in hydrogen vehicles? For this, D. Juan Carlos García, invited them to read the Business Plans which have been developed at the National Hydrogen Center.

Table participants: Grupo Cuerva, Construcciones Otero, Andasol, Windhunter, Iberdrola and A.E. Jérez del Marquesado.

h2smart empresas privadas

Image 6. Business table

End of the day and conclusions:

At 12:20 in the morning it was reached at the end of the workshop with a general conclusion of the three tables:

Renewable hydrogen as a clean energy source and zero-emission cycle, along with other technologies for sustainable mobility is the future in designing strategic plans of our Smart Cities. All this will be possible when a pilot project is developed which demonstrates the technical and financial viability of the great challenge posed by modal changes and air quality



Letter Engineers and Renewable Hydrogen Cell in the Night of the Researchers

Letter Engineers and Renewable Hydrogen Cell in the Night of the Researchers

“If I do not know something, I will investigate it”. Louis Pasteur

What is the European Night of the Researchers?

In its seventh consecutive year, the european night of the researchers is a night in which both men and women do science for you. The main aim is to approach science and researchers to the general public in order to prove, in a practical and playful way, the relationship between research and daily life, and disseminate scientific investigations among young people.

This initiative is a European scientific dissemination project promoted by the European Commission within the Marie Sktodowska-Curie actions of the Horizon 2020 program, which it takes place simultaneously in over 340 European cities since 2005.

Letter Engineers and the experiment for the night of the researchers

In this edition of 2018 Letter Engineers participates together with the University in an experiment in which we will make renowable hydrogen and, subsequently, energy in a fuel cell.

The process can be seen in the following scheme:

  1. The solar module converts sunlight into current
  2. This current is carried to the electrolyser where the water molecule breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen
  3. The gases produced are stored in the test tubes that the electrolyser has
  4. Hydrogen and oxygen are put into the fuel cell where they are converted into electric current
  5. The current produced lights the lamp

We filled the electrolyser with about 50 ml distilled water.

The solar module should be tilted towards the highest radiation to generate between 150 and 350 mA at a voltage of 2.4V. This can be seen with the ammeter.

At about 10 minutes we will see the water bubble and, on each side of the electrolyser, we will collect both gases. We will be producing about 3 ml of hydrogen.

Do you want to see how this renewable hydrogen battery works?

We are waiting for you this afternoon at 18:00 in the STAND 8_UGR.

10, Square of the Humilladero, Paseo del Salón

Granada, 18005



Nuevo Panorama Energético Español

Energy Transition in Spain. We explain it to you

“The most difficult thing is to leave from a model where there is a series of investments and positions created, towards another much more plural, diverse and positive energy model”

“It’s time for sustainable development” words of Teresa Rivera, Minister of Energy and Environment.

For any citizen is becoming common to hear talk about “decarbonisation of energy”. Mainly we need energy for the buildings and for the transport leaving aside other uses such as the industrial one. We are going to focus on analyzing what is happening in these two sectors with the energy transition that we are already experiencing.

To understand the concept of decarbonisation we have to comprehend which the energy we need is obtained from fossil fuels (coal and gas in combined cycles), nuclear or renewable energy plants. According to the recent report by Spanish Red Electrica (REE) electricity demand in 2017 was supplied as follows:

The new Government, with Minister Teresa Ribero at the head, has already indicated its intention to finish in less than 10 years (2028) with the coal and nuclear power plants. We quickly realize that we will need 38.1% of the 252 TWh of current annual demand. We can already get an idea of the potential that renewables have in this transition.

On the other hand we have the issue of CO2 emissions. We all know which the nuclear ones do not have emissions and they contribute to reduce the global compute. This year we have increased our emissions by 5% and is expected to continue being done in the coming years. Therefore it is very important which everything is done very well analyzed as it is also expected that the ton of CO2 will pass in a few years to cost € 30 to € 100. Yes, you listened well, we paid for the emissions. We even pay for nuclear waste, in this case € 75,000 / year to France.

According to the International Labour Organization, throughout this transition process will be created four posts jobs for every one destroyed. The sectors with more opportunities: renewable in buildings, sustainable mobility with electricity and gas, energy management active and intelligent of smartcity. Among them are synergies as the exchange of energy between cars, urban equipment and buildings, all aimed to build cities of the future in which the citizen owns his energy, produce and consume.



Management and control of public lighting in Barcelona City – AWARDED

Management and control of public lighting in Barcelona City – AWARDED

Letter Engineers is awarded the service of management and control of public lighting of the City of Barcelona for 4 years.

Technical Assistance and Management of Public Lighting

The object of the contract is double: to be technical assistance in support of the operation of the control system as well as manage and optimize energy consumption.

Barcelona City Council decided in 2016 for a new centralized control service for its public lighting. The control is based on monitoring and supervision through a platform that integrates all the energy and maintenance aspects. Since 2018 this service will be managed by Letter Engineers and Bettergy, who will work closely with public lighting services of the City Hall. If everything goes well the company intends to be at least until 2022, since it is a contract extendable in 2 + 2 years.

Currently the scope of the contract consists of 2,909 command centers of which 60% of them are remote managed. The vast majority of them communicate with radio technology through 6 receivers, although there is also point-to-point management. In addition, in recent years they have been adding energy-saving measures such as flow regulators and LED lamps with different levels.

One of the most innovative systems in which we are working is the dynamic control of luminosity from lux measurements every 15 seconds. System implemented for years and that will be refined in the next.

Now Letter Engineers manages the public lighting of two of the largest and most emblematic Spanish city halls: Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. Recall that we were awarded the contract to Palma in 2015 for a total of 4 years ending next year. With all this, the company strengthens and consolidates as the national benchmark in the efficient management of public lighting.



Letter Engineers, Member of the Clúster Andalucía Smart City

Letter Engineers, Member of the Clúster Andalucía Smart City

Recognized as an Innovative Business Group in 2015, the Clúster Andalucía Smart City is an alliance of private companies and Andalusian public institutions working for the development of smart cities, and of which LETTER ENGINEERS is already a member.

Andalucía Smart City

The Cluster Andalusia Smart City is an alliance of private companies and Andalusian public institutions that work for the development of smart cities, understood as better cities for being efficient, sustainable and comfortable. Achieving this goal it is realized through cooperation among these entities, resulting in generation of employment and wealth in urban areas themselves by increasing business competitiveness.

What does Letter Engineers contribute to the Cluster?

The Andalusia Smart City Cluster is formed by different working groups such as the Energy Working Group, which develops its activity around the generation, distribution, consumption and energy saving in cities. Or Environment Working Group, articulated around the impact of cities on the environment, greenhouse gas emissions and water and waste management.

Letter Engineers has been working for efficiency for 5 years. Its powerful team of computer engineers, advised by the energy experts, have developed their own management tools and efficient control of public lighting, managing to manage large cities in a more sustainable and more respectful with the environment.

In addition Letter Engineers team composed of Engineers, Architects and Graduates are people with tradition and over 10 years of experience in the industry, making Letter Engineers company of great business value to the development of a more sustainable Andalucía.



Adjudicado - Auditorías energéticas

Energy Audit in buildings of Talavera de la Reina – AWARDED

Letter Engineers company responsible for carrying out the work of “Energy audit and technical memory of the actions to be taken in buildings of municipal ownership in the town hall of Talavera de la Reina”.

Award to Letter Engineers: Contract requirements

As was already mentioned, Letter Engineers has been the company Awardee to carry out the Energy Efficiency project in several buildings in the municipality of Talavera de la Reina.

As an indispensable requirement for the Town Hall, it is that the results obtained from these Audits serve as the basis to fulfill the aims of the Feder Castilla – La Mancha Operational Program 2014-2020.

For this, Letter Engineers will perform the works according to the PROTOCOL ESTABLISHED BY THE BOARD OF COMMUNITIES OF CASTILLA – LA MANCHA.

The social center, the sports hall or the fire station (among others) are the buildings in which the technical team of Letter Engineers will analyze, visit and study in detail all the facilities and equipment consuming energy. The aim is to propose a series of measures in line with the building energy saving, its use and its current situation.

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an analysis that allows us to know the mode of working, operation and performance of existing facilities, in this case, in a public building of municipal ownership, the state of its components, energy consumption and corresponding operating costs , with the aim of:

  1. Improve energy efficiency and energy savings of these facilities
  2. Adjust and adapt these facilities to current regulations

What technical means are necessary to successfully develop this contract?

The energy audit to be carried out and the team of Letter Engineers designated for it, complies with the provisions of RD 56/2016, of February 12, which transposes the directive 2012/27 / EU of the European Parliament and the council, of 25 October 2012 on energy efficiency in terms of energy audits, accreditation of service providers and energy auditors and promoting efficiency of energy supply, especially Article 8 thereof.

Energy Efficiency: Key to achieving European goals 2020

As indicated in Royal Decree 56/2016, of 12 February, which transposes Directive 2012/27 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of October 25, 2012, relating to Energy Efficiency, this it is defined as an essential aspect of the European strategy for sustainable growth in the 2020 horizon, and therefore it is one of the most profitable ways to strengthen the security of energy supply and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and of other polluting substances.



No son los individuos los que hacen las empresas exitosas, sino los equipos

Letter Engineers: an anniversary with a lot of Energy

A fun sports day and a great meal commemorating define events during this weekend for the fifth anniversary of Letter Engineers.

Team Letter Engineers: I Sports meeting

Fellowship, fun, team or union are adjectives that are part of what we experienced during this weekend at the celebration events of the 5 years of life of Letter, a small company born out from the energy of Juan Carlos García, María Ávila y Alberto Ochando, founders and promoters of the society.


On Friday, the team Letter lived a fun and energetic sports day, whose goal was simply to leave the stress of the office and promoting social relations between the management team and technical: friendship, teamwork, the competitiveness, the participation of all, etc. Objectives that were more than achieved when the football match played by all the components of Letter Engineers began.

5th Anniversary Party Letter Engineers


On the other hand, on Saturday there was a great anniversary party and dinner, in which the whole team and our companions offered the trajectory of the organization and we blow out the candles with a great desire: For another five years more than Letter Engineers !!!

Now, a new stage begins, with an ambitious future projection: “Work to consolidate the growth experienced and implement new lines of business around training and software development”




Letter Engineers present at the First National Congress on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Sports Facilities

Letter Engineers present at the First National Congress on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Sports Facilities

Energy efficiency and sustainability back of the hand as key factors of the commitment by society towards a common future.

Congreso de Eficiencia Energética
Eficiencia Energética y Sostenibilidad

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Throughout today and tomorrow, our commercial director María Ávila is at the Palau de Congresos in Palma to represent Letter Engineers before the public and private institutions that meet at the First National Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Sports Facilities.

In a society increasingly concerned about health and the harmful effects produced by CO2 emissions, the adoption of Energy Efficiency mechanisms and increase of Environmental Sustainability in Sports Facilities plays a fundamental role. Here is the importance of this first congress in which participants will attend a dynamic meeting, with presentations, debates and round tables prepared by top-level speakers.

By participating in the congress, Letter Engineers firmly committed to its consecration in the sector. And, currently, Letter is positioned as one of the leading national companies that offer Services in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Congreso de Eficiencia Energética y Sostenibilidad
Stand Company Association of Energy Efficiency – A3e

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