Letter Engineers and Renewable Hydrogen Cell in the Night of the Researchers

Letter Engineers and Renewable Hydrogen Cell in the Night of the Researchers

“If I do not know something, I will investigate it”. Louis Pasteur

What is the European Night of the Researchers?

In its seventh consecutive year, the european night of the researchers is a night in which both men and women do science for you. The main aim is to approach science and researchers to the general public in order to prove, in a practical and playful way, the relationship between research and daily life, and disseminate scientific investigations among young people.

This initiative is a European scientific dissemination project promoted by the European Commission within the Marie Sktodowska-Curie actions of the Horizon 2020 program, which it takes place simultaneously in over 340 European cities since 2005.

Letter Engineers and the experiment for the night of the researchers

In this edition of 2018 Letter Engineers participates together with the University in an experiment in which we will make renowable hydrogen and, subsequently, energy in a fuel cell.

The process can be seen in the following scheme:

  1. The solar module converts sunlight into current
  2. This current is carried to the electrolyser where the water molecule breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen
  3. The gases produced are stored in the test tubes that the electrolyser has
  4. Hydrogen and oxygen are put into the fuel cell where they are converted into electric current
  5. The current produced lights the lamp

We filled the electrolyser with about 50 ml distilled water.

The solar module should be tilted towards the highest radiation to generate between 150 and 350 mA at a voltage of 2.4V. This can be seen with the ammeter.

At about 10 minutes we will see the water bubble and, on each side of the electrolyser, we will collect both gases. We will be producing about 3 ml of hydrogen.

Do you want to see how this renewable hydrogen battery works?

We are waiting for you this afternoon at 18:00 in the STAND 8_UGR.

10, Square of the Humilladero, Paseo del Salón

Granada, 18005