1st Project Meeting H2 – Smart

Reunion Letter H2B2 del proyecto H2 Smart
04 Dec 2018

The H2 Smart project includes visits to facilities such as those of the Seville-based company H2B2.

This entity is in charge of the manufacture of solutions for the production and supply of hydrogen through water electrolysis, with 3 offices: in Seville, Madrid and California.

H2B2 is a highly qualified and experienced technology company that develops hydrogen production systems based on PEM water electrolysis.

electrolizador de h2b2

Electrolyser of h2b2

With this visit the company Letter Ingenieros aims to learn first hand several concepts such as:

  • The plant balance used by the Sevillian manufacturer.
  • The ways to establish a mutual benefit.
  • Establishing direct contact between companies.

The meeting had a great explanation from our esteemed colleague Eugenio Trillo, which was nuanced by a great professional of the sector as is Afríca Castro.

During the same it was emphasized that this system is modular and scalable so it is easily profitable.

This type of equipment is not discarded, but in initial projects it is possible to take advantage of smaller facilities while facilities with greater demand can be adapted to larger plants.

The H2B2 professionals also told us that their machines are tested 24/7 to verify their optimum performance and that their control system can connect to the internet and create alerts.

As a result of this visit our vision of your plant balance was more than clear as well as other more commercial aspects.


Juan Antonio Roldán García
Juan Antonio Roldán García

Ingeniero Químico Especializado en Tecnología de Hidrógeno y Pilas de Combustible en Letter Ingenieros. Soy un Ingeniero Químico emprendedor y proactivo al que la curiosidad y el esfuerzo le han hecho una persona con talento, habilidades y aptitudes como: organización, creatividad, responsabilidad, motivación y liderazgo. Profesional y personalmente comprometido con el medio ambiente, con pasión por la eficiencia y la energía. Creo firmemente en el hidrógeno como vector energético y por esta razón me estoy especializando en el sector de las energías renovables. En el apartado personal me encanta leer sobre historia y filosofía, no puedo pasar sin hacer deporte cada día y me gusta estar bien informado de lo que pasa en el mundo. Tengo claro que el trabajo colaborativo o lo que se conoce como la filosofía "win to win", es muy positivo, por lo tanto estoy 100% disponible para colaborar en cualquier tarea o proyecto donde tenga competencias. Para finalizar esta pequeña presentación añado que como buen emprendedor tengo un feroz interés por el crecimiento profesional y la formación continua. || Chemical Engineer Specialized in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology at Letter Ingenieros. I am an enterprising and proactive Chemical Engineer to whom curiosity and effort have made a person with talent, skills and aptitudes such as: organization, creativity, responsibility, motivation and leadership. Professional and personally committed to the environment, with a passion for energy efficiency. I firmly believe in hydrogen as an energy vector and for this reason I am specializing in the renewable energy sector. In my daily personal life I love to read about history and philosophy, I can't go without doing sports every day and I like to be well up to date about what's going on in the world. It is clear to me that collaborative work or what is known as the "win to win" philosophy is very positive, so I am 100% team worker in any task or project where I have skills. To end this small presentation I add that as a good entrepreneur I have a fierce interest in professional growth and continuous training.

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