Where is the power to gas?

Power to gas
06 Feb 2019

Visit to Energy Park Mainz (Germany)

Wherever the power to gas is there will always be a restless engineer trying to learn and in our team we have several.

As you surely know, we are immersed in a project called H2-Smart where we studied the feasibility of using H2 along with our renewable engerias.

With the intention of learning the secrets of this technology we embarked on a technical visit to the facilities of Energy Park Mainz located just outside Mainz near Frankfurt (Germany).

These facilities have been designed and commissioned by a consortium composed of Siemens, The Linde Group, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and Stadtwerke Mainz in 2017.

Can renewable energies help us become more independent from natural gas imports and produce more environmentally friendly electricity and heat?

This is the question that motivates the construction of this plant, which is now fully operational and which has inspired others that also focus on power to gas.

The main objective is the development, testing and application of this innovative technology for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis driven by renewable energy sources.

Even in 2019, wind turbines must be shut down when the grid lacks sufficient capacity. In the coming years, renewable energy sources will temporarily deliver more energy than is really needed and Spain will be no exception.

Energiepark Mainz is part of the solution to this problem: it can help store excess green electricity by dividing water into hydrogen and oxygen and thus deliver energy that can be used at any time. So, renewable energy can be used extremely flexibly and is available when needed.

Some technical data about de process

The electrolysis process requires demineralized water. To produce water with this high degree of purity, the water purification plant extracts all the dissolved minerals that are included in the usual tap water in several stages.

Three SILYZER 200 electrolyzers equipped with the innovative Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology divide water into hydrogen and oxygen using direct current electricity. The proton conductive membranes used in the electrolyzer cells reliably keep the gases separate and offer a high level of safety, also thanks to the innovative cell design.

The hydrogen produced in the energy park can be injected into the Stadtwerke Mainz high-pressure natural gas network. The mixture is produced on a heel line, which supplies the Mainz-Ebersheim district. This process replaces fossil natural gas.

All applications connected to the natural gas grid, such as heating systems, gas burners, thermal power plants and gas-fired power plants can be partially supplied with the generated hydrogen. In addition, the enormous storage capacity of the natural gas network can be used for the energy of the energy system.


Juan Antonio Roldán García
Juan Antonio Roldán García

Ingeniero Químico Especializado en Tecnología de Hidrógeno y Pilas de Combustible en Letter Ingenieros. Soy un Ingeniero Químico emprendedor y proactivo al que la curiosidad y el esfuerzo le han hecho una persona con talento, habilidades y aptitudes como: organización, creatividad, responsabilidad, motivación y liderazgo. Profesional y personalmente comprometido con el medio ambiente, con pasión por la eficiencia y la energía. Creo firmemente en el hidrógeno como vector energético y por esta razón me estoy especializando en el sector de las energías renovables. En el apartado personal me encanta leer sobre historia y filosofía, no puedo pasar sin hacer deporte cada día y me gusta estar bien informado de lo que pasa en el mundo. Tengo claro que el trabajo colaborativo o lo que se conoce como la filosofía "win to win", es muy positivo, por lo tanto estoy 100% disponible para colaborar en cualquier tarea o proyecto donde tenga competencias. Para finalizar esta pequeña presentación añado que como buen emprendedor tengo un feroz interés por el crecimiento profesional y la formación continua. || Chemical Engineer Specialized in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology at Letter Ingenieros. I am an enterprising and proactive Chemical Engineer to whom curiosity and effort have made a person with talent, skills and aptitudes such as: organization, creativity, responsibility, motivation and leadership. Professional and personally committed to the environment, with a passion for energy efficiency. I firmly believe in hydrogen as an energy vector and for this reason I am specializing in the renewable energy sector. In my daily personal life I love to read about history and philosophy, I can't go without doing sports every day and I like to be well up to date about what's going on in the world. It is clear to me that collaborative work or what is known as the "win to win" philosophy is very positive, so I am 100% team worker in any task or project where I have skills. To end this small presentation I add that as a good entrepreneur I have a fierce interest in professional growth and continuous training.

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